Mr. Pankaj Chauhan

Education has become a prime requirement of human being, following
immediately the air, water, food, clothing and housing. Education leads to
learning yet how many learned men and women are turned out of educational
institutions is a big question mark. Here is one sincere attempt made by Alingua
Public School to make education convertible into learning to bring out learned
men and women in its students.

The philosophy, mission statement and quality policy read together emphasize
quality education for all round development of the child, making him or her a
person of great virtues, although we are aspire to be at the top, but at the top,
there is very limited space and only extremely worthy reaches there.

Not all Indians or for that matter of all citizens of this planet or mother earth, can become prime ministers or the chairman of a conglomerate. But all of them can become virtuous, versatile, good citizens and generate positive energy and contribution that can match the contribution from those at the top. That’s where Alingua Public School has featured in.